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Corporate clients

"5+" Drugstores offer mutually - beneficial opportunities for corporate cooperation.


Cash and non-cash settlement options, flexible delivery and payment arrangements, innovative special offers – we offer highly - convenient terms to our corporate clients.

Direct delivery and tender supply of drugs and healthcare products

Healthcare clinics and medical establishments: direct deliveries of drugs and healthcare products, as well as the best tender offers from our drugstores.
As participants in the free and subsidized drug program for members of the public (Ministry of Health Directive №74-N), "5+" Drugstores offer long - term contracts to healthcare clinics on the filling of subsidized prescriptions.
Public and non - profit organizations: participation in our specialized social-partnership programs.

Special, exclusive offers for organizations in other sectors

On a contractual basis, we offer the employees of large organizations (with over 100 staff members) personalized plastic cards entitling them to purchase any items at any "5+" Drugstore free of retail markups. Incorporate our plastic cards into your organization's benefit package and give your employees the chance to save up to 30% on their drug purchases.
Insurance companies: servicing your drug plans at "5+" Drugstores offers you considerable savings. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to interactively monitor the drug purchases made under your insurance plans. This system allows you to prevent reported cases of payments made on the basis of fraudulent drug-purchase receipts.
We also offer organizations innovative first-aid kits designed for office use – they contain the assortment of items necessary to keep your employees healthy and fit for work.
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