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Drug delivery

Dear Customer, 

We'd like to inform you that according to article #9 of RA law "About drugs", the drugs can be sold only in pharmacies and pharmaceutical booths. As according to the law we cannot deliver the drugs to your desired address for your convenience, we offer you to visit our web site to get information about the products we sell and their prices, and visit one of 5+ pharmacies for purchase. Soon, we will offer you a new service which will let you collect the products you need in a basket, make the payment online (at discounted price) and pick up your order from one of the 5+ pharmacies. 

We will offer opportunity to purchase drugs online and delivery service as soon as possible.

The drug delivery service offered by "5+" Drugstores is the first – and only – service of its kind currently available in Yerevan; it provides for the home delivery of drugs and medical supplies.


WE WISH YOU GOOD HEALTH AND SINCERELY HOPE THAT YOUR ORDERS ARE LIMITED TO VITAMINS, COSMETICS, AND CHILDREN’S ITEMS; realistically, however, we all need to take our medicine from time to time. In all such cases, our drugstores and delivery service stand ready to help by conveniently delivering your drug and medical -supply orders.


Advantages of this new service  


We offer a wide spectrum of drugs registered in Armenia, baby food, and other drugstore items. We purchase our pharmaceutical products directly from official suppliers, affording you the utmost confidence in their authenticity.


We make certain that the medications found at our drugstores are stored in accordance with established safety rules and recommended temperature-settings, thereby ensuring that your drug purchases are always of top-quality.


Our drug prices are par for the market.


The fact that the prices at our drugstores are not the "lowest" on the market is a reflection of their authenticity and superior quality. Moreover, we are conscientious taxpayers and proudly pay all our taxes. At the same time, our drugstores are staffed by true professionals who provide all our visitors with outstanding customer service.


Use our drug home-delivery service and save your valuable time!

Delivery terms

Deliveries made within 20 minutes.
Delivery price – AMD 300 (300 Armenian Drams).
Service available 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week. 
No minimum order.

Non-cash payment options (relatives living abroad frequently wire money to our bank account, and we arrange the delivery of drugs and other medical supplies to their loved - ones in Armenia).


Telephone numbers of our drug home-delivery service: 55-11-22; 8-7-6-5 /short toll-free number/.


For international calls: +(374 10) 55-11-22.

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