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Danapharm was founded in the City of Yerevan in 2004 by a group of physicians and pharmacists who dreamt of creating a profitable pharmaceutical company geared towards today’s market that would be distinguished by its dynamism and innovation. The company is young – both in terms of its years and its spirit. The fresh approach offered by our youthful staff (average employee age: 31), coupled with their exceptional enthusiasm, have allowed us to bring innovative products and concepts to market, the high demand for which clearly illustrates that the company is on the right track.
2004: launch of the "Drug Hotline" – the first of its kind in Armenia – providing 24 hr. information by telephone on drug availability and pricing at drugstores throughout Yerevan, allowing consumers to consult with licensed physicians and pharmacists on the safe and effective use of various medications. Since its inception 6 years ago, the Hotline has expanded to partner with 65% of Armenia’s drugstores, and rendered over 1,000,000 individual consultations.
2005: the first "5+" Drugstore opens in downtown Yerevan.
2006: launch of drug home-delivery – the first service of its kind in Armenia.
2007: the company's drugstore outlets begin holding free patient clinics with Armenia’s leading specialists, including the Chief Internist at the Ministry Health (MOH) of the Republic of Armenia, the Chief ENT Specialist at the Armenian MOH, and the Chief Urologist of the City of Yerevan.
2007: launch of pharmaceutical imports.
2008: the company forms a group of medical sales representatives (MSR) tasked with the promotion of imported medications among specialists.
2009: launch of the "Drug Insurance" service. Main concept: each month, employers contribute the symbolic amount of USD 3 per employee in exchange for a discount card entitling the cardholder to purchase any product at any "5+" drugstore free of retail markups (i.e. at cost).

2010: a purchase-and-illness history card is introduced into the sales program for discount cardholders, which automatically scans new purchases for compatibility and possible interaction with previous drug purchases.



Each and every day, we strive to demonstrate our dedication to success in our work with our partners, which is ultimately designed to promote the health and wellbeing of all of our customers. Today, we remain young, ambitious, and innovative.

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