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The "Drug Hotline" received its first phone calls in November of 2004. Since its launch, the number of daily calls has grown from 5-10 (in the first 2 months) to 1000. Today, the "Drug Hotline" is highly-regarded by members of the public. Based as it is on the enthusiasm and professionalism of our consultants, hard work has transformed the Hotline into one of the most trusted sources of drug information in Armenia. Along with our fellow citizens, hundreds of physicians and pharmacists contact us every day for advice. Indeed, it is the confidence of our colleagues that best serves as an objective indicator of our work.
More than one million calls have been serviced since the launch of the "Drug Hotline."
The "Drug Hotline" partners with 65% of the drugstores in the City of Yerevan.
65% of physicians have called the "Drug Hotline" at least once.

Since its launch, the "Drug Hotline" has serviced more than 1000 calls from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia.



"Drug Hotline" operations are not limited solely to telephone consultations. Since its launch, several books and brochures have been published for specialists, which, judging by the positive feedback we have received, have become trusted desk references used in their daily work.

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