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Our “Drug Hotline” service

The "Drug Hotline" is a 24 hr. hotline that you can call to receive exhaustive information on specific drugs and the overall pharmaceutical industry in the Republic of Armenia.

Consultations are provided by licensed pharmacists and physicians.


Multi-line hotline number: 090-00-00-33. Calls cost 580 AMD per minute, charged by the second. Payments collected by your local carrier.


NEVER WAVERING FROM THE BASIC TENET OF MEDICINE TO "FIRST DO NO HARM," the "Drug Hotline" refrains from providing medical consultations in the physical absence of the actual patient and does not recommend self-treatment involving the use of medications, except in those cases permitted by law (i.e. the recommendation of certain over-the-counter medications on the basis of a consultation with a qualified pharmacist).

Types of consultations


Interactive consultations (information is exchanged via real-time dialogue).


Using this format, callers can receive the following information:


* On rules governing the effective use of drugs.

* On the registration status of drugs in the Republic of Armenia.

* On registered synonyms for certain drugs (synonyms: drugs containing the same active ingredient but manufactured by different companies).

* Contact information for drugstores and the services they provide (addresses, telephone numbers, on-site compounding rooms, delivery services, discount programs).

* Contact information for pharmaceutical wholesalers, manufacturers, and importers and their branch offices.

* Contact information for medical establishments (addresses, telephone numbers).


The duration of interactive consultations varies from 1-5 minutes, depending on the type of question/inquiry.


"Extended" consultations (callers receive answers to their questions within one hour in a second or returned call).


This type of consultation is used to provide information on the following types of questions/inquiries:


* At which drugstores can certain medications be purchased?

* At which drugstores are certain medications cheaper?

* At which drugstores can certain dietary supplements be purchased?

* At which drugstores can the medicinal plants I need be purchased?

* At which drugstores can the healthcare products I need be purchased?


The duration of such consultations varies from 1-5 minutes.


"Electronic" consultations (if they so wish, callers can arrange to have the following information sent to their e-mail addresses within 30 minutes):


* Instructions on proper drug use.

* Laws and regulations governing the pharmaceutical industry.

* Usage instructions for dietary supplements.


Such consultations take up to two minutes.

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