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The "Drug Hotline" is an information service that provides 24 hr. pharmaceutical consultations

Main types of consultations:



"Specialized" pharmaceutical consultations are designed for the public at large, and envision the dissemination of information:
on safe and effective drug use (safe-use practices, optimal dosage, side effects, contraindications, possible interaction with other drugs and foods, storage recommendations);
on drugstore product lines;
on drugstore prices for various medications;
on drug substitutions (generic substitutions: drugs containing the same active ingredient but manufactured by different companies and sold under different brand names);
on the pharmaceutical product lines available in the City of Yerevan.
"Reference" pharmaceutical consultations encompass:
the provision of contact information for drugstores, pharmaceutical wholesalers, drug manufacturers and importers, and their branch offices (addresses, telephone numbers);
the provision of detailed information on the services and highly-specialized capabilities of individual drugstores: on-site compounding rooms, prescription-sale of potent drugs, medical consultations, round-the-clock service, subsidized drug plans and discounts, drug home-delivery, on-site optical department, baby food department.
"Official" pharmaceutical consultations concerning official information are provided on the basis of the following laws and regulations:
Law of the Republic of Armenia "On Medication;"
"Requirements Imposed on the State Registration of Medication in the Republic of Armenia;"
RA Government Resolution "On Procedures Governing the Import and Export of Pharmaceuticals in the Republic of Armenia;"
RA Government Resolution №1717 dated 23.11.2006 "On Affirmation of the Lists of Social Groups and Illnesses Entitled to Subsidized and/or Free Medication."
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